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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

pillow talk

There is a picture hanging on the wall of my daughter's room. The amazing thing about this picture is that my mother had it for quite some time and decided to give it to me when I had a girl. It is a picture of a little girl holding a basket of flowers and standing in the middle of a wildflower field. She looks just like my daughter - so much so that it is eerie.

Tonight, after the bedtime song was sung (she only got one song tonight, but it was the essential "Jesus Loves Me" complete with signing, so she didn't throw too much of a fit), we had the following conversation:

R: Dis my woom?

Me: yes, this is your room.

R: You wike my woom?

Me: Yes I do.

R: Me wike my woom! Dat my picshur.

Me: Yes it is.

R: Dat my me in picshur. Me pwincess. Me have big fwowers. My pick fwowers for me mommy.

I can't say I've ever enjoyed the gift of flowers quite so much before.


  • Ah.... those bedtime conversations can be the cutest ones (unless of course you dragged them off screaming to get to bed). At first I read, "This is a picture..." at the beginning of the entry and thought, "What? That is not that picture!" A lesson for me on reading more carefully :)

    By Anonymous heath111, at 11:30 AM  

  • Yeah, yeah, I was going to take a pic of the pic, but I didn't want to wake the monkey. LOL

    I'm just happy I got any picture to post. I've been having intermittent image issues.

    I love bedtime conversations. makes me so mad at myself for getting grumpy on those days when I just don't feel like dealing with the bedtime ritual.


    By Blogger atypical, at 2:44 PM  

  • precious ♥
    what a sweet picture and post.

    By Blogger jouette, at 6:27 PM  

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