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Thursday, November 02, 2006

chemistry 101

You know those days where you find yourself rummaging through the medicine cabinet in search of just the right combination of drugs that would knock the kids out without harming them - as a preemptive measure to prevent anyone from serving time for causing vicious bodily damage? Yeah, one of those. But, just as I unearthed the goggles and lovingly fondled my mortar and pestle, things improved. Okay, so my house looks like the aftermath of a tsunami, but there’s nothing unique about that.

I often swear I am going to videotape some of these horrendously noisy, bicker filled days. I know a time will come where things will be so quiet around here that I will miss even that craziness. Besides, I am sure there would be humor involved after enough time had passed.

Recently, the dear husband was transferring some of our family videos to the computer. He happened upon one Christmas. You see, several years ago (like 10), we gave up the practice of trying to get group shots of our kids. There is a comedic tale of a busy photographer, a pregnant mom with three young boys, and a wobbly table leg behind this decision. It wasn’t very funny at the time. For a few years after that experience, we would take a few minutes of video of the kids in hopes of getting one frame to capture in which all of the kidlets were at least looking in the same direction. This particular video was one of those from way back in the days when we just had four. It goes on for about 15 minutes. It is a comedy of errors. I make the girl scout promise that there was not one single frame in those entire fifteen minutes which bore an acceptable image.

For some reason, I have been toying with the idea of actually attempting a professional group shot of them all this year. Perhaps it is because my oldest is getting so close to the age of fleeing the nest. Perhaps I am growing weak from constant mother-in-law nagging about the fact that she has pictures of all of her step children and grandchildren, but no recent ones of us. Perhaps I drank too much lead-filled city water.

Speaking of water, what is wrong with my cat? And where can I find slides for the microscope? These things are related, you know. We forgot to close the pool this year. I am not sure that is really the right term, since the pool has seen better days, and it is possible we are just going to rip the thing down and replace it. Right now, it is filled with lovely dark green water. My cat, who will not drink from his own water bowl, gingerly climbs down the ladder and drinks from this slimy reservoir of single-celled life. Still, I’m not about to empty the thing when I have a child who is taking Biology this year – thus the need for slides.

And of course, biology leads into chemistry, which brings us back to where we started – all tangents excused.


  • I know exactly what you mean, and so far, our head count (children's heads anyway) is only two. Two! Of course one of them is completely mental and the other one is just ornery, so it feels like forty seven. After upwards of sixty tries with the camera, I got ONE - ONE!- shot of both of them facing front in their Halloween outfits. Neither is smiling and one isn't looking AT the camera, but hey, we can't have everything I suppose...

    And yeah, what up with the cats? Ours will drink water out of the dirty dishes piled up in the sink (ew, I know) or out of the toilet, but will they drink it out of the damn dish? They will NOT. They really DO have brains the size of walnuts.

    I need more coffee...

    By Blogger Karyn, at 7:31 AM  

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