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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

all things me-ish

And, shamelessly stolen from jouette

I am: careful to always remain at least slightly enigmatical
I miss: the carefree passion of youth
I long: to touch the deeper side of myself and to be the kind of parent/wife/person I know I can be
I wish: I could muster the slightest bit of motivation
I feel: extremely disjointed
I drove: my husband up the wall for the 6,276th consecutive day today
I want: a personal chef, maid service, and tutorial team for a month who will promptly cease to exist in the natural world after servicing me and mine so they will never be able to tell anyone just how sloppy and disorganized I really am.
I fear: many of those in my life would stop liking me if they REALLY knew me
I might: someday actually attempt publication
I discussed: a secret with my BFF
I am excited for: that secret
I am sad to: say that I still haven’t found any motivation even though my logical mind can point out at least 3,000 reasons I should have it
I like: reality TV, reading, and spending quiet time near trees
I plan: every conversation and action out in my head before having it/doing it, but rarely do anything according to those plans when the time comes
I disregarded: the alarm clock this morning
I witnessed: several armed robberies in my lifetime
I enjoy: reading blogs, reasearching miscellaneous tidbits of information on the net, and hugging my children.
I hate: concise and unfair judgment based upon a small amount of information
I played: spider solitaire for far too many hours on more than one occasion
I love: the feel of early autumn and mid springtime on the closed-eye cheeks of memory
I went: hiking around a local reservoir under the starry sky with someone special many times in my youth
I will: learn to forgive myself for being less than perfect
I kiss: warm bellies every night at bedtime
I have: more blessings than I deserve
I did: this exercise during an hour when both my kids and husband were at home and awake, and I don’t even feel guilty for it!


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