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Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am not a superstitious person, but I do have a favorite number. It stems back to my high school days, my first crush, and varsity jackets. That number is 1122. It always brings a smile to my face when I just happen to look at the clock, and that hour stares back at me. Such bliss, then, this evening when at 11:22 on 11/22, while putting the last bit of shortening into the pie crust batter, I was fortunate enough to look at the clock.

Do I for one moment believe that this will send good things my way? No. But I do think I will have a better day for it. My disposition, after all, is a rather strong influence on the way I look at those things which do occur.

So my hallway is full of paint cans and things I need to clean up. So the children have left collapsed cardboard boxes throughout the house which were not put away after their fort was disassembled. So my inlaws will likely be stopping by at some point in the early part of tomorrow. So I never got around to bathing the children, and two of them are sick. So what? I have a smile on my face because of some silly little number, and that will help me to remember to look at everything with the slightest touch of humor.

I can always throw the kids in an assembly line shower in the AM. I can toss a blanket over all of the offending mess and call it seasonal decoration. I can hand my father-in-law his homemade apple pie and be sure of getting compliments at least for that. And hey, if it really gets crazy around here, I can always reassemble the fort and hide inside of it until they go home.

And then it is off to my sister's, so I don't even have to cook. Give thanks.


  • How'd your holiday weekend turn out, T?

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 10:36 PM  

  • It turned out pretty well. It was busier than I expected. We ended up not meeting up with the in-laws on the actual day as anticipated, so they came over for dinner last night. I usually cook a turkey the day after Thanksgiving if we don't have it here so that we can have leftovers. So, I ended up making a Thanksgiving meal anyway. There are now far too may desserts in the house. Thankfully, there are enough of us that they are disappearing quickly.

    How was yours? Sounded like you had a good trip. Are you "home again, home again, jiggety-jig?"

    By Blogger atypical, at 12:02 AM  

  • I'm glad you had a good holiday. Ours was really great. We were with friends who used to live down the street and then they moved to a desert city of all places. Good food and good friends plus a hot tub. What's not to love?

    Your word bead limerick was perfect, T! I don't know how you did it but I loved it!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 11:38 AM  

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