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Thursday, November 09, 2006

general bee-fuddlement

Being the good mom, I took N to work today, as usual. It is absolutely gorgeous outside today (70-ish, sunny, and bright), so I had both windows open. As I stopped at a stoplight, I looked to the side and noticed a yellow-jacket, lured from his nest by the warmth, walking along the rim of the car window. I reached for the window controls, but too late.

Sir Wasp continued into the car and made the short flight to the steering wheel. I continued driving, keeping one eye on the road, and one on those stinging hindquarters. He (or she, more likely) made the circuit of the steering wheel then began exploring the back side just out of my sightline.

Knowing that my trip was a relatively short one, I decided to continue on, but I steadfastly kept my hand in the exact same spot on the wheel – determined to make one-handed turns if need be. As I neared the house, the wasp was inexplicably lured to the shininess of my keys, dangling from the ignition. Hmmmm, if I waited him out and just sat in the car until he moved, how long would it be before I could enter the house? Would he wear me down?

He hopped back onto the steering wheel. At this point, I began tapping the wheel with the key about an inch behind him in an attempt to lead him toward the open door of the car. My theory was that I would rather deal with it at the time then re-enter the car later with no clear idea of where he might be hiding. My plan was going well too until he decided to turn around and climb onto the key which was tapping.

“Aha!” thought I. “Now I may exit the car and set him free to roam the colored leaves!”

It couldn’t be so simple. He began crawling toward my hand on the extended key. Fortunately, when I reflexively launched the keys into the air, they came to rest on the street just outside the door.

When last I saw him, Sir Wasp was walking up the street. I couldn’t tell if his thumb was outstretched in search of a ride back home.


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