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Friday, November 03, 2006

the incredible speaking woman

When will I learn to check for ingredients BEFORE starting a recipe? Obviously I didn't learn it today as I had to run out to the store mid-muffin making for milk (try saying that five times fast). As I placed the milk into my cart, a rapidly speaking woman began talking in my general direction about her hopes for having enough money to pay for her groceries. Here I had another "I should have known better" moment when I said with a smile, "You should never go grocery shopping hungry!"

I was rewarded with the following (at speeds formerly unattainable by human lips):

"I am hungry too, I was just thinking that I was going to go home and eat all of this at one time. Do you do that too? Do you want to go home and eat everything when you go to the store hungry? That's really funny. I shouldn't go shopping hungry. I remember one time I was so hungry..."

At this point, having finished my shopping, I did start to walk away. Obviously, she didn't need me for the conversation as it continued even after I was out of her sight and standing in line. A few minutes later, she was standing behind me in line. The monologue continued.

Due to the unfortunate fact that the cashier rang something up wrong and keys were needed to process a void, I got to learn much more. She apparently has such a great fondness for Suburban ginger ale that she has been out shopping for it at 3 AM. I wasn't aware that they had changed the labels. I learned the inner workings of her life with husband. I learned that she is afraid to drive on the roads in Los Angeles (which will serve me well next time I travel cross-country with her). I learned that she is sicker to her stomach than she ever remembers being and has been throwing up all day (oh joy, thank you for breathing all over me).

And now I draw a blank and have no clue how to end this post.

Hit delete!


You'll be sorry!

I'm always sorry.

Well fine then!



  • Omigosh! How funny. Maybe you should tape to your cookbook a sign that says, "Remember the talker." That should remind you to get your ingredients in order before baking.

    You would love to run into me at the grocery store. I am the lady with a cart full of groceries that ALWAYS offers to let the person with a few things cut in line ahead of me.

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 11:36 AM  

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