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Sunday, September 03, 2006


I have the potential for a big old post brewing in me that may or may not make its way out, but for now, I am tired, my ankle is swollen, and I have just finished celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary. So let me just say this:

Laughter still comes easily.

Children can break your heart and mend it in a second (a.k.a. talking to your three year old on the phone from the movie theater).

Yes, Virginia, someone else CAN administer the dog's seizure pills.

Lumpy couches with familiar soft spots are sometimes a heck of a lot more comfortable than the top-of-the line new model (which philosophy goes well with 17 year marriages too).

If you forget to call your mother and tell her that football is cancelled until an hour before the game, and she is so disappointed about missing a movie with her friends because you called so late that she forgets it is your anniversary, you have six kids, and it might have been wise for her to call you (since you are forgetful); then going out to the very movie she missed can be both extremely pleasing in a sadistic way, and horribly guilt inducing. {gotta love the grammar in that one}

Those little gadgets for the top of two-liter soda bottles called the "pump and pour" really do keep the dang thing from going flat.

Not having to cook once for an entire day is possibly the best anniversary present I have ever been given.

Having band-aids on the index finger and removing the backing from label stickers do not go well together.

I still like walking in the rain.



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