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Friday, September 01, 2006

blessed rain

It's chilly. Here it is the first day of September, and the temperature is not even supposed to hit 70 today. This is unusual. For now, I am enjoying the snuggly comfort of slippers and sweatshirt as I watch slight patches of green slip back into my yard. It is raining. That is something which hasn't happened enough here this summer. A gentle steady rain is caressing the world around me. Later today, torrents might be pounding the earth, and the beneficial water might turn into a curse, but for now, it is a blessed relief.

Parenting is like that. In difficult spots, when the trials have been searing down like the hot August sun, when all the mother's soul is parched from the scorching heat of battle, a sudden smile or act of love sends sweet drops of moisture to re-invigorate the troubled landscape.

God is good.



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