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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

dog ears and taxi days

We picked the dog up from the vet the day we got back. He didn't seem as excited to see us as I expected him to be. It took me a day and a half to realize he wasn't wagging his tail. My best guess is that our excitable dog wagged his tail exuberantly into some hard surface. He whimpered when I picked it up yesterday. Half-wag has returned today, so I am not too worried. There is a vent attached, though.

The whole reason we boarded the dog with the vet is because he has medical issues. We had also noticed him shaking his ears a lot in the week before we left, and asked the doc to take a look at them. Well, he has been shaking his head even worse since we got home, so the dh called the vet today. It seems doggy dearest has impacted ear wax. The vet told us to put mineral oil in his ears and massage them. I just have two questions. First, why didn't they simply tell us this when we picked him up? Second, if the dog had impacted wax, and they had him for a week, why didn't they just try to treat him while he was there? grrrrr

Yes, I am aware that I am quite boring this evening. That's what turning into a morning person does to me. I lose all creativity and spark. Okay, not always true, but it's as good an excuse as any other.

Today was the first day back to school for us. Yes, I know it is late, but homeschooling gives us that option. It was a CRAZY hectic day. From the looks of things, the whole year is going to be almost as crazy as this day, too. My schedule looked something like this:

7:30 AM start S & N on school
8:00 AM fix breakfast for youngers while doing algebra and geometry
10:15 AM start schooling J & M
11:15 AM set J & M up with some independent work so that I can take N to work
11:55 AM continue J, work through pre-algebra with M
12:30 PM finish J, assign reading for science and math (M) that can be done in car on way to homeschooler's lunch with youth pastor (1 day notice)
2:20 PM return home and begin schooling T (first day of kindergarten, wow)
3:35 PM finish with T and realize I was supposed to pick N up from work 5 minutes ago
4:00 PM return from drive, begin fixing dinner
5:00 PM dinner for S,M,J,T & R
5:50 PM leave for football practice (after setting out dinner for N and dh)
8:55 PM return home and put kids to bed - bathless
10:00 PM begin preparing lessons for tomorrow, but get side-tracked by computer
1:00 AM realize lack of sleep from computer addiction bound to make for a less than perfect Tuesday

I'm guessing my creativity may be in hiding for some time. I hope it comes out to play from time to time. I type much more slowly when I'm dull.



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