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Friday, September 22, 2006

vagueness personified

So, MS Word tells me the following is 504 words, and it passes the grammar check with no red flags. Granted, I may have leaned too heavily on use of the semicolon, but there it is. I think I may have managed to convey quite a bit about my history while remaining intentionally vague (privacy and all that).

I couldn’t start off normally and still be me, instead I needed a little drama; my mother was carrying me placenta-previa, but this was the era before sonograms, and she had no bleeding during the pregnancy, so this was not a known fact, as a result, the sudden hemorrhaging was the first clue that there might be a problem; as would be the case in my Murphy’s Law existence, most of the roads were closed due to a blizzard, so my mother had to be transported to the hospital by way of ambulance which barely made it to the door of our home, but it did; this was fortunate because it resulted in both my mother and I getting out of the situation alive and continuing onward in the pursuit of life; that pursuit was marked with trials, tribulations, and joys upon the way, including the oppositional forces of intense love of learning and dislike of the political situations arising out of a public school environment, even so, my education was relatively smooth and led to a stint at a major university; if it hadn’t been for the even greater love of love, perhaps a degree would have been imminent, but that was not to be; instead I set forth into the world of fast food service, specializing in late hours and bar rush; this conglomeration of facts all led obscurely to the night we were robbed at gunpoint and placed into the walk-in refrigerator; during that icy stay, a friendship was developed between me and the man who would become my husband, but not right away; several years would pass before we reached that moment of marital vows – years marked by our respective relationships with others; however, when we did manage to get together, we wasted no time before starting a family; This family would grow greatly and fill our lives with countless blessings, though financial, emotional, and physical hardship sometimes blocked the path; after three children, we were pregnant with our fourth when our hearts were wrenched from our chests due to his untimely premature death mere hours before he was born; his loss would affect us deeply yet not stifle our desire to enjoy the blessing of even more children, as a result, three more children have come to us – all boys save the last, our little pink one; and though raising six children, even choosing to homeschool them, is no picnic sometimes, we have a built-in cistern of love and friendship that travels with us wherever we go – a vat of companionship, arguments, games, heartaches, and most importantly, understanding and acceptance, those sweet gems of true family so rarely found in the modern world; we journey now together for a little while, until my life changes yet again, and I must learn to live the life of an empty nester – on the fringes of those children’s lives but for the connecting spirit of prayer and faith in God, who has been truly wonderful to us, even in times of hardship.

There ya go, Mary-LUE (which has me suddenly singing Buddy Holly). :)



  • Good job! It's hard isn't it? I haven't been brave enough to do mine but now I think I'm going to have to!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 7:54 PM  

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