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Saturday, September 09, 2006

avoiding the inevitable

I am supposed to be making a “to do” list right now. I haven’t even started making the preparations for our little trip. Granted, much of it I cannot do until the last minute because we are surprising the kids. I get a kick out of that. This is only the second real vacation we have taken since having kids (by real, I mean longer than two days). The last time, we didn’t tell them anything until we got to the ocean. We’re hoping to pull it off again this time, but they might get a little suspicious.

Basically, at present, the plan is that the dh will take all of the kids to football tomorrow when S needs to be there. They have to arrive two hours before the game. I will stay home and stealthily gather things from their rooms which I will secrete in the garage until we pack the car (while keeping them busy elsewhere). If all goes as planned, we will stick them all in the car Sunday morning and venture off. They will know it is a long journey by the presence of the portable DVD player. They will attempt to guess the destination the entire time. The dh and I will play many games of How to Avoid Answering a Direct Question Without Giving Away Any Information.

This is all provided I can complete my “to do” list which, oh yeah, I haven’t written. Instead, I plan to write an uberlong post which will keep all of my faithful friends occupied for six days (ha). This would likely be much simpler if I had the writing skills of a best-selling novelist instead of those stolen from a three paragraph essay writer.

Still, provided I can wake up enough to think in the next twenty minutes or so, I do plan to at least post something else. This is, of course, why I am avoiding the list. The surest way to get this insomniac to fall asleep is to make her start thinking of everything productive she should be doing.



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