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Saturday, August 19, 2006

utterly blessed

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my children? You know what? I don't think I have ever mentioned it here.

To N, my 15 year old: Thank you for bringing joy to my days with your sarcastic wit and ability to pick me up. I used to cradle you for lullabies, and now you do the same for your little sis. You can even throw me over your shoulder. Thank you for your lego inventions which are rife with creativity.

To S, my 13 year old: Thank you for the sense of humor you hide behind your silences. Thank you for the secret code you use to let me know you care, even when you can't say it. Thank you for giving me hours of "entertainment" as I swat away the mosquitos and biting flies at football practice.

To M, my 11 year old: Thank you for the silliness you still love to exhibit. I am so proud of the way you are starting to learn to conquer your fears. Thank you for always having a "fum" for my "fee," "fi," and "fo."

To J, my 7 year old: Thank you for your energy. Thank you for that huge lopsided grin. I love that you are starting to try to show some responsibility. I love how you love your sister. Thank you for teaching me the ins and outs of corneal abrasions (again and again and again).

To T, my 5 year old: Thank you for your "spongebobbiness." Thank you for wrestler hugs and slobbery kisses and the way your face lights up every time you see me. You make me smile. I'm so glad to have you, even when you knock me over.

To R, the pink one, my 3 year old: Thank you for singing and dancing to the commercials. It was so fun to watch you pretending to karate chop your Dad with disco flair. I love your attitude, though you might want to tone it down a bit if you want to keep those boys wrapped around your little finger.

To all of my children: Thank you so much for getting along with each other all day (even if I did have to screw the doorknobs back on)!



  • What a beautiful tribute to your children. I can tell you love them so very much and it was a joy to read.

    By Blogger Terri B., at 2:22 PM  

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