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Friday, August 04, 2006

From under what rock did I crawl?

So, here I sit, finally bloggable, with not one original thought in my head. Isn't that the way of things? Therefore, I figured I would subject you, the poor unsuspecting reader, to a brief overview.

I am a mom. I am a mom several times over. I am a mom who has five boys and one girl on this earth, and one boy who went on off to heaven before me. I am a mom who finally crawled out from under the piles of homeschool papers, legos, and video games, scraped off a portion of the thick layer of computer illiteracy which has formed a crust around my fingers, and decided to write a blog. I am a mom who is very bad at self-motivation. Therefore, I am a mom who will likely write a very mediocre blog.

I wanted to be a starving writer when I grew up. By that, I don't mean that I wanted to be a lousy writer. I am not that, though I am sometimes substandard. I wanted to be a poet. Most poets don't make any money before they die - thus the starving. For several years early in the marriage, I was doing pretty well on the starving bit. Now that's gone, yet I barely ever write. When I do, it usually comes out as little thoughts to myself. So, what better way to express them than by blogging? And, since I am doing this for myself, you won't offend me by not reading (okay, you will since I am a sensitive writer type, but I will pretend you didn't).

Freeing the boat from its dock,
casting off,
allowing the stream’s current
to direct my course.
I am soon caught in a
small tidal pool by the bank,
a patch of forest near at hand,
too far to touch -
Delicate wild flowers
intermingle their scent
with broken, rotting limbs
of ancient trees.
Brambles underneath
catch much
in their thorny hides.
I dip the oars into the water
at last,and slowly float away.



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