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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

loose lips and puffy ankles

Not that this is even slightly related to the subject matter, but if my distaste for capitalizing titles upsets you, suck it up (thinking of Monk and an elephant episode).

Anyway, I still have no thoughts. For an introspective person (translated a self-absorbed ninny), this is a somewhat novel experience. I can ponder the various forms of belly button lint for hours. I can only assume that having the pressure of the empty compose box deflates my sense of self-importance. Pity, that, considering I am often the only one who views myself as important. Which leads me to the aforementioned lips.

People I sort of know, that is my greatest downfall. I am such a shy person, really. But I can talk. In fact, give me a healthy dose of football practice, time, and a group of people I barely know, and I can talk more than you would believe humanly possible. Unfortunately, almost nothing that comes out of my mouth will be interesting. And, no matter how much all of the little social cues are telling me it is time to end a conversation, I don't seem able to stop talking.

There is masochistic blood in me somewhere, too. Not only do I subject others and myself to the endless babble, but I rake myself over the coals about such slips in self-control for days, hours...even years to come. And all this while I am really only thinking, "My ankle is really swollen again. I wish I had brought two ice packs, but the iciness of my beverage takes precedence over pain!"

Which reminds me, why is my ankle swelling? Yes, I know I have been on my feet a lot today, but I have just recently gotten over a bout of hypochondria. I do not need a new one to take its place. My goodness, I'm a whiner. Could it be that you are making me uncomfortable because I barely know you? Am I now subjecting you to the same form of babblemania which accosts those unsuspecting souls who meet me in real life? Eeek, someone take away my blogger's license. I'm going to go sulk (or make soup).



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