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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

swing low, sweet puffy foot

I know, you're sick of hearing about side-effects already. Did I mention I might be just a tad OCD? Anyway, deal with it. This is my blog. It is all about me having a place to whine and act like a three year old if I want to. So there (note the hands on hips and tongue sticking out in full raspberry mode).

No, of course I don't really feel that way. I actually care about you even if I don't know you, but I digress.

So why, since I obviously have nothing important to say, am I going to force feed you more side-effect blather? Because I can. It also might have something to do with big bold letters which read, "DO NOT LIE DOWN FOR AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR AFTER TAKING THIS MEDICATION." Even though it has been over an hour, I cannot make myself lie down. There doesn't seem to be anything to do other than cleaning, but I'm not about to start that bad habit.

Ah, you are saved, I hear the telltale signs of wide awakeness from above, and it is almost midnight. Which reminds me of Bill Cosby. That tangent could take awhile, and I have monsters to wrangle.

Farewell you lucky soul.



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