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Thursday, October 05, 2006

more random babble

I survived a busy day with far less stress than expected. In fact, until piano lessons at church where T evaporated into "I didn't get enough pillow time" tears every time anyone looked at him for the entire hour, I was downright placid. Someone must have been praying for me.

I was feeling comedically inclined earlier tonight until the dog had his third seizure in 24 hours. Cleaning that up while half asleep added a touch of tragedy, so I figure I will just let my thoughts flow where they may.

The rheumatologist is tomorrow. I don't do well with first doctor visits (or second, or third). It's kind of like calling people. I am already rehearsing. Usually I am fine during the actual appointment; it is the aftermath that does me in. I need to find some lighthearted nonsense to keep my mind busy in the waiting room.

I hate magic markers, chalk, crayons, scissors, glue, and just about every other craft supply ever made. I forgot to mention hole punchers of the three-hole variety. I say this as I look at the pile of hole punch confetti under my dining room table (strewn with crayons, markers, and cut up bits of doodle paper) through the pocket doors decorated with chalk and permanent marker.

I just had to look up "hole" on because it looked funny when I typed it.

Children's toys are evil. All children should be forced to return to the days of playing with sticks and rocks (subtitled: Will Someone Please Come Clean My House?).

I want to be as tired as I was when I fell asleep on the couch fifteen or twenty minutes before the dog seized. Why does the body think it is raring to go for a full day's activity after such a short reprieve?

I wonder if I should let J eat a hotdog for breakfast like he plans (since the dh brought some home from the football concession stand this evening). It would certainly require less activity on my part, which can only be a good thing, right?

Why do my appendages keep falling asleep today?

Where did N put his cell phone, and will we find it since it is set on vibrate and we can't just follow the ringer?

Will I remember to do invitations for the next b-day party more than two weeks in advance?

Why is it that S will try to go more than a week without having his football practice clothes washed when they smell worse than skunk and are covered in grass stains, but immediately beg for washing when he spills one drop of mustard on them?

Do they make teflon coasters for the bottom of dining room chairs which do not scratch laminate floors (or laminate floors which do not scratch the coasters, since I am not sure which is really happening first), or felt pads for the same purpose which do not collect cat and dog fur in astoundingly large quantities?

Will I keep typing in hopes of getting interesting, or give it up and just try to go to bed? I think the latter (which is one of J's spelling words this week).


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