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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

recipe for comfort

sleeping with bread

stale bread: It’s the same old cry of sorrow. Being home for years on end leads to a perpetual cycle of battles with a similar series of issues. I battle my own motivation (or lack thereof). I battle six strong-willed children who constantly push the boundaries because they know, sooner or later, exhaustion, inattention, or mercy will grant them a one time reprieve. Sometimes, I just get so sick of the battleground. It is the sheer volume of days that makes it seem more intolerable. I let myself slip into an attitude of resigned tolerance. The guilt over succumbing to the familiar patterns threatens to cause a downward spiral.

fresh bread: Like the spark of newborn love, I long to feel passion – even amid the daily routines. I see the joy in a kindergartener’s discoveries, the elation of the simple, and a smile plays at the corners of my mouth.

french toast: Stale bread is good for something. When making French toast, the best bread for the job is a thick, crusty sort with just a bit of staleness teasing at the surface. If it weren’t for the monotonous routines, I would miss the milestones of maturation playing out before me. Time goes by in a heartbeat. Before long, I will look back on even the most mundane of days with a wistful sigh. Lord, help me remember that in the well-worn trenches of the front lines.

As R sits in the living room, enjoying a popcorn snack, help me to see past the crumbs and spills to take joy in the interpersonal relationships she is learning to foster by “sharing” with her doll. Popcorn with a naked Barbie! There’s nothing else quite like it.



  • That stale bread has it's usefullness, eh?

    Wonderful reminder, for me, of where I want to put my energy.
    Thank you...

    By Blogger Mel, at 8:43 AM  

  • Popcorn with a naked Barbie? Definitely an experience like no other. My daughter does have a drawer full of naked Barbies, though.

    I do really relate to your description of being home for years on end--and I only have two. I was in tears this morning trying to resist my son's attempts to skip out on school. On one hand, I don't care if he misses an occasional day. On the other hand, I really felt like he need to push himself through his malaise and go. My two warring sides made me cry. :(

    I need your perspective about the monotony providing opportunities, not just drudgery. Thanks for the reminder!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 11:18 PM  

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