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Friday, February 02, 2007

things that make you feel old

N: Hey, mom, you said I couldn't drive your car until after I passed driver's ed, right?

Guess what he did yesterday? I suppose it doesn't help that my birthday hit then too.

My mother brought me a journal she has been writing for me since 1996. My tangents do come naturally. Many pages have scrawled notes up the sides. Other pages are no more than scattered collections of thoughts with no clear beginning or end. Reading it has served as a reminder of just how quickly time passes.

I blinked, and suddenly I have two children who are taller than me. I fell asleep for an hour or so, and my baby turned into an almost 4 year old. I turned my back for just a second...

T drew a picture of us together. I am not quite sure which stick figure is which, but we are holding hands.

T: And guess what, Mommy? (lowering voice to a whisper) We kissed each other!



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