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Monday, February 05, 2007

fear tactics

So, I almost made a row of old ladies have heart attacks today.

I have this habit of pouring coke from a can into a bottle for drinking (cheaper, resealable). Upon leaving for church this morning, I couldn't find an empty soda bottle, so I opted for a water bottle. This was not a smart idea.

Being a detail oriented person, I have noticed on previous occasions that the caps are smaller on most water bottles than on their soft drink counterparts. Unfortunately, the common sensical side of me stayed in bed this morning.

After the church service, as we were leaving the sanctuary, I pulled out my drink. Being an impatient soul, I decided to unscrew the lid before completely exiting the sanctuary.

You know, lower thread count on a screw top translates directly to higher pressure?

Imagine my surprise (and everyone else's) when said cap explosively detached itself from the bottle. Fortunatley, my husband is tall enough that I could effectively hide - and I only have a small bruise.



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