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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

quick bread – no rise time required

Early this morning, I actually typed a topic for today’s bread into MS Word. I had a lot of disjointed thoughts about where I was trying to go with it, but it will just have to wait until next week, due in part to the following reasons:

The desolations:
1. Not feeling so well today. I’m not quite sick, but very foggy brained (yes, h, more so than usual) with sore throat and EXTREME exhaustion.

2. Had to take my mom for the second in a series of three nerve block epidurals today.

3. Spent a portion of the day on the phone scheduling appointments (not my favorite activity).

4. Got something irritating in the mail.

5. The N boy seems to have pink eye (doc tomorrow)

6. A few of the other kids are coming down with the cold-like illness as gifted from their father and older brother.

7. I still have a sink full of dirty dishes – most of which have been there since last night.

8. I still have several hampers full of dirty clothes that I have needed to address for at least 5 days.

9. I have been to the grocery store five times in the past week, and I have not remembered even one of those times to pick up a particular item that has been on the list since before the first visit.

10. My bread looks more like lumpy drop biscuits.

The consolations:

1. My two oldest children are getting a kick out of dragging me around the house at bedtime in order to say goodnight to all of the little people. I do mean dragging in the literal sense, too.

2. Although my mother’s blood pressure did spike from nerves, she did much better this time around than last.

3. I got to spend a good bit of time talking to my closest friend on the phone last night. Lately, that has been a rare treat,

4. The irritating mail is just that – irritating. It isn’t a matter of pending financial struggle, nor is it heralding bad news. When the irritation passes, I will likely forget about it completely.

5. The pink eye is likely a side effect of antibiotics, so I can fool myself into believing it is therefore less contagious until told otherwise by a medical professional (and if any of you out there ARE medical professionals who would love to disillusion me, Shhhhhhhh, let me keep up my charade long enough for a good night’s sleep).

6. There’s a chance the kids coming down with this will be docile and easy to handle in the sickness induced exhaustive state.

7. Some of those dirty dishes come from the lovely, homemade turkey noodle soup I am currently enjoying.

8. Everyone (other than me) still seems to have something to wear tomorrow.

9. In those trips to the store, I have remembered to pick up a few other things that I forgot to even put on the list, but I somehow managed to keep from adding a lot of other things we don’t need even though I went to the store hungry on at least two of those occasions. And I could actually afford to go to the store to get those things in the first place.

10. Some people find lumpy drop biscuits to be quite tasty.

May God give me the strength to always look at what I do have and help me learn to spend a lot less time thinking about the things I don’t have. May I never forget those days of a $20 two week grocery budget for 3 ½ people, a cat, and a dog – no matter how many years pass. May God take this overwhelming exhaustion and turn it into a respite from insomnia. And may He bless you each beyond measure as you go about your days.



  • Well, I hope you feel better soon. Your system probably collapses after the last round of child illnesses. And now more? Sheesh! May God be with you (and I mean that!)

    Just reading your list of desolations, I can feel sympathy frazzlement. You did a good job of finding consolation in the middle of it all!

    Blog at later... Viva Las Vegas!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 1:07 AM  

  • I was feeling frazzled FOR you. But there's always some good sprinkled in there.
    Sometimes I don't bother looking for it cuz it serves my mood.

    That's when someone whaps me with the whole loaf and it all gets right sized.
    I think you just whapped me. ;-)

    By Blogger Mel, at 9:03 AM  

  • Goodness! It sounds just like what I had. The worst part was not really being able to wrap my brain around concepts and ideas ... which for me was devastating. Is that how you feel?

    Anyway I'm glad you could see the good stuff.


    By Anonymous MarillaAnne, at 3:54 PM  

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