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Thursday, January 11, 2007

the great tag-a-thon

Okay, well, we might consider that title a tad misleading since there will likely be nothing great revealed, and one can hardly consider two responses a marathon of tagging, but it's all about the hype.

less than normal

Omegamom has issued a general tag - specifically aimed at lurkers (hello, my name is t, and I am a lurk-aholic). Her challenge which can be found floating throughout the blogverse is the six weird things meme. Herein, I will attempt to label six oddities about myself not known by my general readership. This is indeed a challenge since the few souls who ponder my spoutings of nonsense already know how odd I am. Be that as it may, I will soldier forth with great courage and anticipation. If you have to hurl now, the bathroom is at the end of the hall on the left.

1. I cannot watch someone using a table saw without picturing a sharp blade slicing the skin, and feeling - in every nerve of my spinal cord - the intensely numbing pain of sharp steel. I will often shudder for some time after the thought first crosses my mind.

2. The sound of toast being buttered makes my skin crawl.

3. The minute I am told to stay still, I am afflicted by a roaming itch. It is sheer torture to avoid scratching, but if I break the vow of stillness and seek the scratch-filled gratification, I am completely unable to find the exact source of the itch.

4. I hold complete conversations in my head when someone upsets me. In these conversations, I am actually possessed of the bravery needed to express my distress. I then clearly hear their grievances (in the realms of my imagination), and the level of anger or hurt begins to abate.

5. I am prone to accidentally getting portions of my clothing stuck on doorknobs, nails, furniture corners, or other dangerous protruding objects (pencil shavings would be one example).

6. The bones of my hands and wrists are, apparently, so unusual that when I once had an x-ray of my left hand after an injury, they also x-rayed my right hand to be sure they were giving me an accurate diagnosis.

6 x 2 = 12

Not so in my universe. The other meme asks us to bid adieu to the old year by posting the first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of 2006. Since I am relatively new to this blogging business, I have less than twelve months to go upon, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I stole a variation of this one from jouette.

July: Beginnings are bad for me.
Ah, the first post ever. I do have a talent for stating the obvious.

August: So, here I sit, finally bloggable, with not one original thought in my head.
Nothing much has changed here.

September: There are times in which I am perfectly aware that my reaction to a series of circumstances is completely out of proportion to the situation at hand.
Yeah, well, we're going to pretend this one isn't still true. ;)

October: Oh the weight bearing down upon me!
And it wasn't even one of those days in which all of the children decide to climb on top of me at the same time while shouting, "Dogpile!"

November: You know those days where you find yourself rummaging through the medicine cabinet in search of just the right combination of drugs that would knock the kids out without harming them - as a preemptive measure to prevent anyone from serving time for causing vicious bodily damage?
Speaks for itself.

December: Children are strange and wonderful.
Well, duh!

It's a good thing my first blog preemptively apologized for my beginnings. First lines do not appear to be my strength.

Anyway, now it's YOUR turn. Participation is purely voluntary, but expect massive guilt trips should you choose not to comply.



  • T, I just read your comment from my last post. Looks like you are up very late! Insomnia or just the usual?

    Number 1 of your first list reminds me of something my friend once said about her garbage disposal. She said she always has this interior monologue when it is running about "be careful, don't stick your hand in the disposal." I'm that way about concrete highway dividers. I always feel like my car is going to be drawn irresistibly into one!

    I am exactly the same way as you about the itch. The worst.

    I was going to do the first lines of each month meme but when I did mine, oh how horrible it was. Only three or four of them were interesting. I don't know that that is what the meme is supposed to be about but still, it was tragic, I tell you--tragic!

    Okay... blathered on long enough! It is almost time for ER!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 12:40 AM  

  • I forgot to take my meds until 11, and they tend to keep me up for several hours. Also, well, I am just a night owl.

    I should have resolved to be in bed by midnight every night. Then I could be throwing a "woohoo, I already broke my resolution!" party.

    I have the same problem with concrete barriers.

    By Blogger atypical, at 12:50 AM  

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