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Thursday, January 18, 2007


6:55 AM - preschool puke

7:55 AM - pop tarts and fruit juice

8:55 AM - correlative conjunctions and kleenex

9:55 AM - dog pills and kibble

10:55 AM - turn off the furnace before it blows

11:55 AM - home from taxi service, mildly hungry sickies

12:55 PM - rate word problems, adverbial phrases, future tense, and the letter x

1:55 PM - adverbial phrases, the water cycle, 3+1=4

2:55 PM - "Mom, could you come pick me up? I'm sick."

3:55 PM - adverbial phrases, cannon fire, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Happy Feet

4:55 PM - adverbial phrases, the Constitution, chicken and rice

5:55 PM - the Constitution, oops, forgot to turn the oven on, cough-sputter

6:55 PM - food, Mythbusting pirates

7:55 PM - forced labor (a.k.a. tooth brushing of the masses)

8:55 PM - "get back in bed!"

9:55 PM - more blankets, older child round-up

10:55 PM - more meds, IM oldest to go to sleep

11:55 PM - type evidence of non-production, IM oldest to go to sleep

beyond: bash oldest with frying pan to induce sleep?



  • I should do a similar post when Paul is out of town next week. It will include a lot of: Mom lost its!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 7:55 PM  

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