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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

anxiety, anecdotes, and apology

Homeschooling brings about some interesting challenges. I should have been forewarned years ago when my eldest was in kindergarten.

Mom: This is the letter ‘a’.

N: No it’s not.

Through the years, I have learned to deal with or ignore most of those issues. Portfolio reviews are another matter entirely. Many years ago I chose to be regulated by the local governing body rather than having what is often called an umbrella group. The major point in favor of that decision was the fact that it is just less time consuming. Twice a year, I have to submit portfolios for review. That’s it.

In the beginning, of course, most of those reviews were done by mail. More recently, they have been face to face (change in administration). This wouldn’t be a problem if our government abided by its own laws. Instead, they try to push things past, little by little. We have had regular issues for the past two and a half years.

Back in November, I got a call scheduling my reviews for today. This is a slight change in procedure, since they usually sent out letters giving about 4 days’ notice. I assumed the change was because we have had so many issues in the past – until I got down there.

These reviews are not just a simple scheduling event for me. First, I place myself in a difficult situation by procrastinating on getting the work in order. I swear I am going to do it as I go along, but I have yet to do so. Second, the law clearly states that the reviews are to occur at a time and place mutually agreeable. They often send me notices for all of my children to be reviewed separately in locations nowhere near my home. I have to restructure my teaching day for every review. This does not work for me. We call to reschedule, they change that scheduling ad nauseum.

So, imagine my dismay when, upon arrival for my review this afternoon, I was greeted by the very woman to whom I spoke on the phone. She had absolutely no recollection of our appointment. “Grrrrrrrrrrr!” doesn’t even begin to express it.

This does lead, however, to the apology. It is really two apologies. I have been absent quite a lot, and even missed sleeping with bread this week. I am sorry. Also, I had promised to get my little art project out to Mary, and thought I was going to do so before the weekend. It didn’t happen. I’m sorry again.

With all of this negative, I just have to leave on a more positive note.

Mom: J, Who is Martin Luther King Jr.?

J: Martin Luther King Sr.’s son?

Yes, I did acknowledge his correctness factor while enlightening him on the finer points of the Civil Rights Movement.

T: Mom! R splashed me! Make her not do that anymore. Towel! NOW!

Mom: One drop of water got in your eye, and it was an accident. And I will not get you a towel if you are speaking to me that way.

T: What are you trying to do, kill me?


  • Apology accepted although unnecessary! Especially since I promised Lamont over at Uphill Idealist a birthday present last week and still haven't got it out.

    That's a bummer about the reviews. I hope it all works out... soon!

    What are you trying to do kill me? A classic!

    By Blogger Mary-LUE, at 12:21 AM  

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