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Saturday, December 02, 2006

what's new pussycat?

Children are strange and wonderful. An excerpt from T's Christmas list follows:

1. The Lego Christmas train set (997 pieces, $178 - he's 5)

2. A Giant Ultra-blast Batman and a green hook-shooting Batman (any clue?)

3. A red truck with holes in the walls from Burger K1ng, but now they have Happy Feet (again, any clue?)

4. A red rubber elephant

5. A stuffed animal cow

Children are strange and wonderful. An excerpt from our day follows:

Me: We are going to have a creative day of school today. I want you guys to start thinking and planning out how you would like to make ornaments for the tree.

thinking and planning ensues

Me: Okay, now that you have thought about it, what supplies do you need from me?

small paper plates, cups, staples, tape, markers, crayons, and origami books make an entrance on the table

J: Mine is going to be an airplane.

T: Mine is you, Mommy. Can you draw the pupils?

R: Ho Ho give you Chrismus for you birfday! Me draw Ho Ho (her name for Santa).

M: I think I know what the partridge in the pear tree stands for in the song. I think it is about when Zacchaeus climbed the tree to see Jesus. I am going to make my ornament the first five days of Christmas. What does a partridge look like?

Me: That's a lot of birds!

M: Yeah, and I am not quite sure how to draw calling birds. Maybe I should draw sound waves coming out of their mouths.

S: The origami book only has ones which are more than one piece, and I don't want to tape it. So, I made the moon. The cow jumped over it, but he didn't get far (evil laugh).


N, isn't really silent at this point, he is just at work, so I have no idea what he is saying

Children are sometimes a trial. Excerpt from our family trip to the warehouse store follows:

N,S,M,J,T,R: Mo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m! Are you going go get this? Can we get this? Do we have any of this?

The Dear Hubster: Honey, do we have any of this? Can we get this? Boys, if Mommy says no, it means no. I asked!

Me: Insert long and ranting lecture here. Rewind and repeat.

Mothers are sometimes imperfect:

I really do need to remember to take God along with me when I travel. The patience I can muster when flying solo wouldn't cover a quick stop at the corner store. Note to self: Pack prayer, humor, and free-spiritedness into every nook and cranny before rising. Replenish as needed.


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